The Lincolnshire Talent Academy

The Talent Academy concept was originally formed in June 2015 as an initiative by United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust to support engagement of younger people into its workforce.

Due to its success, the Academy evolved in April 2016 incorporating its Lincolnshire stakeholders to strengthen and support local partnership and the benefits of collaboration. 

Today, the Lincolnshire Talent Academy is an umbrella body made up of health and care organisations within the County.  Led by United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust, the Academy represents a wide range of stakeholders from the health and care sector.


What do we do?

The Academy delivers proactive services to aid recruitment and skills development of our current and future workforce, whilst also ensuring the portability and integration of skills across the health and care system.

As employers, we work with students, schools, colleges and universities in addition to other agencies such as the DWP to provide services for individuals from the age of 14 and above, all of which are delivered in partnership though our stakeholders.  Our remit includes careers inspiration activities incorporating the engagement of the education sector and delivery of careers guidance and work experience, through to the management of apprenticeship training and support for apprenticeship trailblazer standards development across our stakeholders.

With a common shared goal across all stakeholders – to adopt a “grow our own” culture within the county, the Lincolnshire Talent Academy provides the foundation for our collaborative approach to the engagement, recruitment and development of talent within the Health and Care community.


How can we help you?

Whether or not you’re a student, teacher, current or prospective employee, if you’re interested in any of the services delivered by the Academy and would like more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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