Assisted Discharge Stroke Service, South West Team

LCHS - Lions Way, Sleaford
Pathway Clinical
Minimum Age 17+
Duration 1-5 Days

This is a specialist therapy led team including physiotherapists, occupational therapists and speech and language therapists. It is also made up of assistant practitioners and rehabilitation assistants.
We assess and provide therapy input for stroke patients from the day of discharge from hospital for 6 weeks. This is carried out in the patients home/care home. We are patient centred and encourage patients to formulate their own rehabilitation goals which we support them to work towards during the 6 weeks.
The individual could gain an insight into all of the therapy specialities during a weeks placement. They could also see the workings of a multi-disciplinary team. Alternatively they could choose a therapy and focus on time within the frame work of a specific therapy e.g. occupational therapy but would also have opportunity to spend with other members of the team to gain a broader perspective of the rehabilitation journey.

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