Insight into Occupational Therapy

ULHT - Pilgrim Hospital, Boston
Pathway Allied Health
Minimum Age 16+
Duration 1 Day

Accident, illness, planned surgery and ageing can turn everyday activities into challenges which reduce independence an undermine our sense of identity. Occupational therapists recognise that being able to perform these daily activities is crucial to health and wellbeing and aim therapy towards empowering people to be active participants in their own lives. They work with people who have difficulties carrying out these activities because of disability, illness, trauma, ageing, and a range of long term conditions. Boston Pilgrim Hospital cover in-patients, out-patients and some community patients.
Whilst on placement individuals will gain a brief overview of the values of Occupational Therapy. Shadowing a member of staff, they will receive an introduction to the role of the Occupational Therapy team within an acute hospital setting, gaining an insight through observation of the Occupational Therapist completing their daily assessments and interventions. The individual may also be also given to opportunity to participate in an Occupational Therapy quiz, activity simulation and group activities........

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