Insight into Neurophysiology

ULHT - Lincoln County Hospital
Pathway Healthcare Science
Minimum Age 16+
Duration 1 Day

Neurophysiology is concerned with the investigation of function in the central and peripheral nervous system.
Healthcare science staff working in neurophysiology are specialist practitioners who investigate the function of the nervous system to diagnose and monitor neurological disorders, including epilepsy, strokes, dementia, nerve and muscle dysfunction and multiple sclerosis. The staff often work at the forefront of research and innovation, so that patients are continually receiving the very best healthcare.
Individuals will work as part of a multi-disciplinary team that includes doctors specialising in neurophysiology, specialist nurses and other healthcare science staff (e.g. those specialising in audiology or ophthalmic and vision sciences).
If individuals work in this area of healthcare science, you will carry out investigations in dedicated environments/departments, in intensive care settings and in operating theatres.
Investigations include:
• EEG (electroencephalography) - a recording of the electrical activity of the brain from the intact scalp
• Evoked potentials - these are potentials produced by the brain in response to specific stimuli, for example a flashing light or sounds, such as a click.......

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